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Sunset Cottage Plum Island logo sign

Meet the Hosts

Our story

Sunset Cottage is a rather “new-to-us” property (2021). The cottage started with a smaller footprint in 1900 but has proven itself to be timeless. Over the years of adding square footage and completely renovating it, it now gives a modern feel while keeping its New England quaintness. 

My husband, Garrett, and I fell love with the cottage and it quickly became “Sunset Cottage” after we signed the paperwork! While our dream is to be able to live year-round at the Cottage, life keeps us close to Andover, MA (about 45 minutes away) right now. In the meantime, I really enjoy working with my guests helping them plan their visit and making Sunset Cottage their home away from home. 

We enjoy a very busy blended-family with 5 children ranging from 26 to 14 years of age. Between all of those comings and goings (plus full-time jobs) we’re just 2 busy parents running around!

Of course, the most important thing is that Sunset Cottage is very special to us and I work really hard to make it special for you. 

Haven Blais